Written by Steven Savile.

Inheritance (March 2006)Edit

The first of a trilogy that tells the rise and fall of the most infamous family of vampires in the Warhammer world - the Von Carsteins. When Vlad Von Carstein becomes ruler of the haunted land of Sylvania, a plague of evil is set loose. Can anyone save the Empire from this bloodthirsty family of vampires and their shambling undead armies?

Dominion (August 2006)Edit

Following the death of Vlad von Carstein at the end of Inheritance, the vampires are thrown into disarray and must rebuild their forces. Dominion tells the story of the insane Vlad von Carstein, whose bloodthirsty reign of terror left a swathe of destruction across the Old World.

Retribution (March 2007)Edit

With Vlad and Konrad defeated, now is the time for the most dangerous vampire count of them all to take centre stage. Strong, cunning and resourceful, Mannfred von Carstein assembles his undead army and prepares to strike at the heart of the Empire. The men of the Empire and their allies the dwarfs have one last chance to stop their undead foe - Hel Fenn.

Short StoriesEdit

  • Death's Cold Kiss
  • The Court of The Crimson Queen