Written by various authors.

Ancient Blood (Robert Earl - March 2008)Edit

Driven out of the Empire, nomadic feral vampires make an epic trek through the Black Mountains in search of their ancient homeland, ignorant of the vampire kin that trail them as prey.

Curse of the Necrarch (Steven Saville - July 2008)Edit

Feared and reviled, the reclusive necrarch vampires lurk in their lairs, engrossed in mad experiments and dreams of depraved glory. When one of these foul creatures invades an Empire town and slaughters its inhabitants, its knight protector, the ageing hero Reinhardt Metzger swears vengeance.

Short StoriesEdit

  • The Vampire Hunters * by Robert Earl
  • Portrait of My Undying Lady * by Gordon Rennie
  • Three Knights * by Graham McNeill