Written by Dan Abnett and various authors.

Hammers of Ulric. (Dan Abnett, Nik Vincent, James Wallis)Edit

Dark powers gather around the ancient mountain-top city of Middenheim. Only the noble Templar Knights of Ulric stand to defend her against the encroaching forces of evil. Templar Knight Ganz and his brothers-in-arms must seek help from the most unlikely of allies if they are to save the city they are sworn to protect.

Gilead's Blood (Dan Abnett and Nik Vincent)Edit

Gilead's Blood follows the saga of the doom laden High Elf Gilead Lothain. Along with his faithful retainer Fithvael, Gilead, shadowfast warrior and the last of the line of Tor Anok, travels the Warhammer World seeking revenge on the servants of Evil.

Riders of the Dead (Dan Abnett)Edit

Far to the north of the Empire lies the dreaded Chaos Wastes, home of the Dark Powers and their mutated servants. As they head into this sinister region, two brothers-in-arms find their destinies thrown into turmoil as their fight against the hordes of Chaos rips them asunder Such is the destructive power of this fallen land, that the strongest of friends can soon turn into the most bitter of enemies, hurtling inexorably towards a final cataclysmic showdown.

Short StoriesEdit

  • Swords of the Empire
  • Shyi-zar