Written by C.L. Werner.

Grey SeerEdit

A Thanqoul and Boneripper novel. When the noxious artefact known as the Wormstone is discovered, only one being in the insidious skaven Under-Empire is vicious and ruthless enough to dare harness its awful power: Grey Seer Thanquol. But when the artefact is stolen by smugglers, Thanquol must recover it. Not only that, but a mysterious wizard and his band of henchmen are also trying to stop him. Only by finding the Wormstone, avoiding the murderous attentions of his treacherous subordinates and dodging the displeasure of his superiors in Skavenblight will Thanquol realise his plan to bring the kingdoms of both man and ratkin to their knees...

Temple of the SerpentEdit

After a series of failures, Grey Seer Thanquol is offered a chance to redeem himself by going to the island of Lustria to kill the Prophet of Sotek. Dogged by assassins and stranded in a foreign land of giant lizards, temple cities and endless jungle, Thanquol must use all of his cunning and magic if he is to come out alive.

Thanquol's DoomEdit

Grey Seer Thanquol has survived Nuln. He returns to the Old World and quickly feels himself being dragged down into the treacherous drama of inter-clan politics. Finding himself caught between Clan Skryre and Clan Mors, Thanquol must lead an army against the dwarfs of Karak Angkul. Seerlord Kritislik, one of the most powerful skaven in the Under-Empire, sends Grey Seer Skraekual with Thanquol. The old grey seer seems to be insane, but there are moments when Thanquol believes the decrepit ratmage is anything but senile. However, all is not lost. Thanquol seeks an artefact of incredible power, a Hand which may assure his ascension to the Council of Thirteen. At first, Thanquol believes this to be easy because Ikit Claw has given him a new Boneripper. This time Thanquol's rat-ogre is a huge mechanical brute. But when the egotistical skaven sorcerer tries to use his new bodyguard against Clan Skryre, he learns that Ikit Claw had been devious enough to install a safety valve, prohibiting Boneripper from causing harm to any Skryre ratkin. Worse, Ikit Claw is in the process of creating a Doomsphere.

Karak Angkul is renowned for its engineer clans, but there is one bold genius that stands out. His name is Klarak Bronzehammer. Klarak brings great pride, progress, and/or dismay to the Engineers' Guild - depending upon whom you asked. Klarak has been sent a warning of the unspeakable destruction Grey Seer Thanquol represents. The dwarfs cannot simply defend their home by repelling the skaven attacks. They will need to be more proactive and go on offense. Unless Klarak's kin can thwart the Skaven menace, the entire dwarf kingdom would be lost.

Short StoriesEdit

  • Mind-Stealer (short story)
  • Thanquol Triumphant (e-short)