Written by Brian Stableford, under pseudonym "Brian Craig", and were originally published by "GW Books."


The castle of Zaragoz is a citadel where once justice reigned. But to the great misfortune of the land, an army comes to seize the castle and depose the duke--and take away the hope that justice would return. Orfeo, a wandering player, is plunged deep into a web of intrigue within the walls of Zaragoz where he struggles against the dark powers that threaten the Warhammer world.

Plague DaemonEdit

"Know, Harmis Detz, that every nation on earth is but appearance and illusion... What can it matter to the masters of Chaos, if a world such as yours were here, or gone, or never here at all?"

Amongst the quarrelsome towns and bandit kingdoms of the area known as the Border Princes, the Khyprian Empire stands as one of the few bulwarks of civilisation and prosperity. A malignant evil lies within its heart, however, a force driven by revenge and granted awesome power by obscene worship, all as part of its plan to bring the decaying realm of the Plague God to the Border Princes in all its putrefying glory. This is the second in the tales of minstrel Orfeo, stories focusing on the humanity of the Warhammer world besieged from both without and within by the corrupting forces of Chaos.

Storm WarriorsEdit

The king of the isle of Morien is dead, and now the new King Herla, a brave and powerful youth, must face his greatest challenge when an eldritch storm shipwrecks mysterious elves onto his shores. An ancient law forbids Herla from casting the elves back into the seas, so he accepts their presence and watches them carefully. But when accidents, thefts, violent slayings and unnatural disease spread across his land, Herla is up against the odds and about to discover the darkest secret of all....

Short StoriesEdit

  • The Light of Transfiguration