Written by Neil McIntosh

Star of ErengradEdit

A master-at-arms, Stefan Kumansky is a lone warrior in a dark and dangerous world, sworn to unearth the forces of evil and ultimately avenge his father's brutal murder. Stefan lives and works hiring his sword to those with the gold -- and the cause -- to interest him. His latest employ leads him to the icy town of Erengrad where deadly combat, sinister conspiracy, and the forces of evil await.

Taint of EvilEdit

From the frozen wastes of Kislev, Stefan Kumansky desperately searches for his erstwhile comrade Alexei. As he heads despondently towards the Imperial capital Altdorf, Stefan stumbles across a fortified community waging a bloody war against the dark forces of Chaos. Attracted by their strict regime of military discipline and unwavering moral strength, Stefan finds himself welcomed as a recruit to their cause. But when Alexei arrives as a prisoner, this bastion of strength is thrown into turmoil as a taint of evil spreads throughout the land.

Keepers of the FlameEdit

The agents of Chaos have launched an all-out attack on the empire of men. Yet, as their armies assault the city of Middenheim in the north, a plot is hatched in the capital city of Altdorf to assassinate the Grand Theogonist, head of the church of Sigmar, the spiritual heart of mankind. Without his guidance, surely the Empire will fall?

Short StoriesEdit

  • Path of Warriors