Written by Gav Thorpe.

The Claws of ChaosEdit

In this first book in a new trilogy, Kurt Leitzig, a knight in the Count of Ostermark's bodyguard, hides his shameful past as the son of a family condemned and burned by witch-hunters. However, when another with hunt brews, Kurt discovers that when the powers of Chaos become involved he cannot trust those closest to him--perhaps not even himself.

The Blades of ChaosEdit

Following the cataclysmic events in "The Claws of Chaos, Kurt Leitzig sits uneasily as the chosen warrior of the Gods. With the villagers of Fjaergard becoming angered by his life of luxury, Kurt is forced to prove his mettle. Promising riches beyond their wildest dreams, Kurt sails off with a war party to the fabled lands of Araby, where he discovers a seemingly deserted city of rising pyramids, forgotten tombs--and an newly awakened army that has been dead for thousands of years....

The Heart of ChaosEdit

Once a noble warrior of the Empire, Kurt Leitzig has fallen prey to the evil clutches of Chaos, and his former lover, Ursula, must risk everything to raise an army to stop him from being transformed into a daemon that would destroy the Warhammer world, in the fantastical conclusion of the Slave to Darkness Trilogy.