Written by C.L. Werner

Witch HunterEdit

The dreaded Witch Hunters -- including the legendary Mathias Thulmann -- hunt out evil throughout the towns and villages of the medieval Old World, ruthlessly suppressing any of those daring to ally themselves with the Dark Powers with any means at their disposal.

Witch FinderEdit

Within the shadows of the grim medieval Old World, the sinister agents of darkness plot the downfall of the civilised realms. Their numbers are unknown and their masters can only be guessed at, but they are legion and they are deadly. To combat the insidious threat, the Old World has drawn upon the services of witch hunters -- ruthless men who have dedicated their lives to hunting down the evil with the land The author of the Brunner novels, CL Werner, showed off the talents of witch hunter Mathias Thulmann in the first novel in this series, "Witch Hunter," Now Thulmann is back and the stakes are even higher.

Witch KillerEdit

In the third novel of the series, witch hunter Mathias Thulmann continues his search for the forbidden tome Das Buch die Unholden. Trailing the thieves into the wildest reaches of the Empire, Thulmann and his murderous assistant Streng end up in a mysterious, isolated town. Can they find the book and escape before their souls are trapped for ever in this web of evil?

Short StoriesEdit

  • A Choice of Hatreds
  • Meat Wagon
  • Witch Work