Written by Graham McNeill.


It is a time of legends. The lands of the old World are wild and untamed, where the primitive tribes of men struggle for survival. In this time of peril, by virtue of his valorous deeds, a young man claims leadership of the Unberogen tribe. His name is Sigmar Heldenhammer, and his actions will change history forever. This is the story of how Sigmar rose to power, culminating in the Battle of Black Fire Pass, where men and dwarfs fought against the vast hordes of orcs in their quest to safeguard the future of the Empire.


Time of Legends is Black Library's premiere fantasy series, which brings the history and legends of the Warhammer world alive.  Empire follows up Heldenhammer, by Graham McNeill, with the story of the creation of the Empire in the Old World.

God KingEdit

God-King concludes the story of Sigmar's development from clan leader to God-King - this time fighting an undead army that threatens the fragile unity of his Empire.

Short StoriesEdit

  • Let The Great Axe Fall (short story)
  • Gods of Flesh and Blood (short story)
  • Sword Guardian (e-short)