Written by various authors.

Reiksguard (Richard Williams)Edit

The Reiksguard knights are entrusted with the sacred duty of the Emperor's protection from foes within and without. Under the command of Marshal Kurt Helborg, the Reiksguard live and breathe their code of loyalty, courage, strength and honour.

But in the midst of a ruinous war, the young knight Delmar von Reinhardt discovers that this most venerated order hides deadly secrets.

Battling an unholy alliance of a goblin warlord and an ogre tyrant, Delmar must unearth the truth no matter which noble knight he should find at its heart.

Iron Company (Chris Wraight)Edit

Engineers create the most experimental weapons in the Empire. Dealing with the firepower of war machines is an unpredictable and dirty business, and Engineer Magnus Ironblood thought he was done with it. Lured out of retirement for one final campaign, he makes his way once again on the field of battle, working alongside some unlikely allies. Sent as part of an Imperial force to bring to heel secessionist forces, the army finds itself outgunned, and must dig deep into its reserves of courage and ingenuity to survive. However, it isn't long until Mangus sees the work of his old nemesis on the battlefield. For him, things are about to get personal.

Call to Arms (Mitchell Scanlon)Edit

Dieter Lanz is a young recruit to the 3rd Hochland Swordsmen, otherwise known as 'the Scarlets'. His regiment is called into the battle when an orc army starts to rampage across the countryside, and when the Scarlets are defeated, Hochland is threatened with collaspe. As a desperation measure, legendary general Ludwig Von Grahl is bought out of retirement-he is the last hope to stem the vicious green tide.

Grimblades (Nick Kyme)Edit

When orcs and goblins invade the Empire, the Emperor Dieter IV does nothing. While the other elector counts bicker, Prince Wilhelm is left to defend the Reikland alone. The Grimblades are among his brave army that opposes the greenskins. Amidst desperate war across the Empire and a plot to kill the prince, can the Grimblades survive the orc invasion and be victorious?

Warrior Priest (Darius Hinks)Edit

Warrior Priests are the holy crusaders of the Empire, crushing daemons, witches and heretics alike with righteous fury. These bold men wield death and damnation, with warhammers held high and the word of Sigmar on their lips. They provide the final bastion against the forces of darkness that would run rampant and forever turn the hearts of men. Jakob Wolff is one such warrior, and sets out to track down his brother, whose soul has been tainted by the Ruinous Powers. Family must be put to one side as he battles to prevent the Empire from sinking into Chaos, with only his strength of arms and the purity of his beliefs to call upon.