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Grudge Bearer (Gav Thorpe)Edit

Dwarf King Throndin Stoneheart of Zhufbar is dead; betrayed upon the field of battle. as his son barundin takes up the mantle of King, he must fulfil a mighty oath of vengeance. In an epic tale that spans centuries, Grudge Bearer follows Barundin as he battles his way through enemies on a desperate quest to avenge the wrongs against his father and save his people from a terrible war against the dark forces of Chaos.

Oathbreaker (Nick Kyme)Edit

When Karak Varn, an ancient dawi hold, is overrun by skaven and orcs, Dwarf Thane Uthor and his new companions swear an oath to reclaim it in the name of his ancestor Kadrin Redmane, Lokki Kraggson, and all of the dwarfs that gave their lives to defend it. They go to Everpeak in hope of being granted an army from the High King. However, due to a possible war to the north and another hold to be retaken, the dwarfs only receive sixty warriors. As they return to Karak Varn, a group of slayers join them, hoping to find their glorious deaths.

In order to succeed, the brave dwarfs must overcome impossible odds. Skaven Warlord Thratch, his assassin, and their rat-kin are but a few obstacles. There is also Goblin Warlord Skartooth, his pet troll, and the orcs. And just to make the odds even more interesting, an ancient and long forgotten beast far down into the underdeep begins to stir.

Honourkeeper (Nick Kyme)Edit

Return to the ancient days of the Old World, long before the time of men. Dwarfs and elves usually kept to their own. But now King Bagrik of the dwarfs and Prince Ithalred of the elves are forging a trade pact. As the agreement is being chiseled, a mighty horde of northmen attacks Tor Eorfith, the elf settlement. When King Bagrik's son is found dead, Northmen arrows still protruding from his young body, the dwarfs demand a bloody retribution and join forces with the elves.

The heathen warlord, Ulfjarl, and his dark shaman, Veorik, will meet the stoic resilience of their enemies with powerful sorcery and daemons/demons. The Norscan warlord and his horde are bent towards one aim. To destroy all.

Short StoriesEdit

Ancestral Honour

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