Written by C.L. Werner.

Palace of the Plague Lord (Book One)Edit

CL Werner's latest tale follows the last warrior of a fierce Norse tribe as he sets out on a perilous quest deep into the dreaded Chaos Wastes, a land of magic and madness that lies far to the north of the Empire. Hideous monsters, ravenous daemons, even the landscape itself threaten him and his warrior band on every step of the journey. What price must a mortal pay to steal the treasure of Nurgle - the god of pestilence and decay?

Blood for the Blood God (Book Two)Edit

The Skulltaker is a feared champion of Khorne, a lone warrior of hideous strength and power who kills all who lie in his path.  Blood for the Blood God tells the tale of this terror of the north, as he stalks his prey with an iron determination and a dark purpose.