Written by C.L. Werner.

Blood MoneyEdit

Their world is one of deceit, treachery and random violence, where words are cheap and life even more so. Survival depends upon a unique blend of intelligence, animal cunning and brute force, with pain and the promise of pain maintaining their aura of fear.

Brunner is one such man, a ruthless individual who will stop at nothing to catch his prey and claim his reward.

After a chance encounter with Tilean writer Erhard Stoeker, Brunner relates some of his adventures from nobleman to slave to apprentice bounty hunter and beyond. The tales he tells are nothing short of epic -- the treachery of the blackheart Viscount Augustine De Chegney, battles against the mutated skaven ratmen, tracking down vicious orc warlords and battles against the legendary bandit, the Black Prince.

But Brunner has scores to settle from a previous lifetime. The smouldering desire for revenge constantly burns away at him until he can claim final vengeance.

Blood and SteelEdit

Enter the dark and dangerous world of ruthless bounty hunter Brunner, as he hunts down the Old World's fugitives without respite or mercy! Allowing nothing to stand in his way, Brunner battles against goblins, vampires and all other manner of dark creature in order to catch his quarry and claim his reward. But lurking in the shadows is the mysterious Krogh, a rival bounty hunter with a grim reputation who will stand for nothing less than Brunner's demise

Blood of the DragonEdit

Writer Erhard Stoecker picks up the tale of the ruthless Bounty Hunter, Brunner as he scours the lands of Bretonnia searching for the notorious highwayman Gobineau. Brunner becomes embroiled in a series of dangerous adventures until he reaches the blighted city of Mousillon. The accursed ruins are home to two opposing factions - a band of degenerate mutants and the sinister being who now claims rule over Mousillon - the Knight of the Black Grail. At the centre of their battle is the Horn of Ithilmar - a strange artefact, which has power to control dragons. But with so many deadly factions seeking ownership of the horn and a mighty dragon looking to destroy it, Brunner's days look numbered!

Short StoriesEdit

  • What Price Vengeance
  • Sickhouse
  • Wolfshead