Written by Sandy Mitchell.

Death's Messenger (Book One)Edit

Village life in the Empire is a relatively dull affair for Rudi. Living with his father, he dreams his life away, wishing he was anywhere else but here! That all changes when a group of savage beastmen attack the village and Rudi is accused of Chaos worship in the subsequent investigation. Forced to flee, Rudi heads for the safety of Marienburg an the life of adventure that he wished so hard for.

Death's City (Book Two)Edit

In the wild forests of the Warhammer world, there is never any chance of peace. Forced to flee from their home by witch hunters, Rudi and Hanna take refuge in Marienburg, but it soon becomes clear that life in the city is just as dangerous. Can Rudi come any closer to discovering the secret of his past before he is hunted down by the forces of Chaos?

Death's Legacy (Book Three)Edit

Rudi and Hanna seek refuge in Altdorf, capital city of the Empire. Rudi finally discovers the dark secret of his family, and is forced to turn to his mortal enemy, the witch hunter Gerhard, for help. Can Rudi ever be free from the evil trapped in his soul, or will the battle to destroy it also destroy him?