Written by Robin D. Laws.

Honour of the Grave (Book One)Edit

As the Empire's mighty armies clash against the rampaging hordes of evil, they leave in their wake the detritus of war, including the dead and the dying. Resourceful Angelika Fleischer ekes a living by looting the bloody battlefields, searching for the trinkets and gold carried by soldiers of all sides. But an encounter with the mysterious Kopf brothers leaves Angelika desperate to discover the dark truth behind their quest to find their missing brother before the sweeping tide of battle overtakes them all.

Sacred Flesh (Book Two)Edit

A wave of terror has swept through the Empire and Chaos is on the move. Mutations are increasing and strange creatures roam the streets at night. Some say it is the end of the world whilst others say it is the beginning of a new order! Against this backdrop of terror, battlefield looter Angelika Fleischer meets up with a group of Pilgrims heading for a remote monastery in the dangerous Blackfire Pass. Dogged by goblin attacks and an unknown killer in their midst, they journey together to see the most holy Mother Elisabeth, the great Priestess of Shallya, Goddess of Mercy. But with Empire forces and the hordes of Chaos converging on their destination, Angelika uncovers a dark secret that could cost her life.

Liar's Peak (Book Three)Edit

Battlefield looter Angelika Fleischer has finally decided to quit her grisly job and retire. The only problems standing between her and the quiet life are a village of vengeful haflings, an invading horde of Chaos, a dangerously incompetent general...and the truly worrying fact that someone has stolen her life savings. As the armies of darkness gather, Angelika must use all her wits and cunning to survive and reclaim her fortune. But even then, can she really just retire? Robin D Law's popular series continues with this tense, gripping tale of action and intrigue in the Warhammer world.