Written by Graham McNeill.

The Ambassador (Book One)Edit

Grizzled ex-general Kaspar von Velten finds himself unprepared for his duties as the new ambassador to the court of Tsarina. Not ready for the power struggles and politics, Kaspar is soon using his battlefield experience to cajole, influence, and get his way. But when a member of Tsarina's family is murdered in Kaspar's homeland, relationships become strained to the point of war.

Ursun's Teeth (Book Two)Edit

Following the war-torn events in The Ambassador, grizzled ex-general Kaspar von Velten returns to the frozen lands of Kislev to continue his role as the Empire's ambassador to the court of the Tsarina. But with the massed hordes of Chaos rampaging from the north, Kaspar must uncover the dark agents hidden within the city before they can bring the defences tumbling down. As a combined Empire/Kislevite army ride out to meet the dark Lord Archaon in battle at a vital rock formation known as Ursun's Teeth, Kaspar faces a desperate race against time! Graham McNeill's second fantasy novel is set against a grand backdrop of war, political intrigue and Chaos!

The Ambassador Chronicles (Omnibus)Edit

A City in the wilderness...Chaos at the gates...A killer on the loose...A retired warrior takes up the sword once more...Collected for the first time in one volume, this great value omnibus contains both of Graham McNeill's epic fantasy novels The Ambassador and Ursun's Teeth. A darkness creeps over the Old World. Everything is tainted with despair and decay. Fear and superstition rule the lives of the faceless masses, and in the shadows, the foul gods of Chaos gibber and shriek, dreaming of the day when all living things bow to them. With his military career coming to an end, General Kasper von Velten thinks he's been put out to pasture when his new assignment as an ambassador to the distant frozen land of Kislev comes through. However, with the unspeakable hordes of Chaos at the walls and a brutal killer at loose in the city, it looks like this may not be the quiet retirement that he expected. Kaspar must use all his skills as a warrior and a statesman to survive.