The Burning Shore (Book One)Edit

Florin D'Artaud and his manservant, Lorenzo Gaston, flee their town of Bordeleaux due to a gangster's vindictiveness. They join an expedition to the swampy land of Lustria. They were told it was to seek out treasure in the southern jungle. True, but they also find a strange place of ruins, full of traps. Just when things could not get any worse, it did. Thanks to a possibly crazy wizard craving fame from his college, Florin and Lorenzo must survive becoming a prisoner or lizard-like creatures.

Wild Kingdoms (Book Two)Edit

At the young age of eight, Katerina de Hansebourg sees her father die during an ogre ambush on their caravan. Only Katerina and her ogre bodyguard, Jarmoosh survives. Ten years later, Katerina's mother hires Florin and Lorenzo to go find Katerina and bring her back. Since their tavern has recently burned down, Florin and Lorenzo agrees. An ogre by the name of Krom leads the pair in their journey. But Katerina is no fragile lady. She has grown up with Jarmoosh's tribe and is now much like an Amazon. Her tribe is about to enter war with Bashar Zog's. Katerina and her huge sabretusk, Tabby, are going nowhere until the upcoming battle is finished.

Savage City (Book Three)Edit

Katerina de Hansebourg of Skabrand is now in Bordeleaux. Since Katerina is wed, her greedy mother and Mordicio cannot force her to their will. Before they can continue with their schemes, they nullify the problem of Katerina having a husband. Katerina is furious when her husband dies and her mother announces her plans. Having been raised by Jarmoosh in an ogre tribe, Katerina decides to take matters into her own hands. With blessings from the Lady, Katerina, along with Florin and Lorenzo, go into the Sump. This is where the dying and diseased live. Choosing a cul-de-sac with its dozen hovels, Katerina will turn the denizens into a new tribe too tough for outsiders to deal with.